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Mid-America College of Funeral Service was designed and constructed to include the utmost in comfort, beauty, and utility for the student of funeral service. See our map for directions to us.


Mid-America College of Funeral Service is designed and constructed to include the utmost in comfort, beauty, and utility for the student of funeral service. The classrooms, Restorative Art Lab, library, student lounge, administrative, and faculty offices are housed in a modern higher education facility of almost 11,000 square feet. Ample parking is provided on the campus for the convenience of the student body and college visitors. The building meets and exceeds handicap requirements. The College is open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition, the College is open on a designated weekend just prior to each stated matriculation to assist the incoming student with specialized need related to their professional training. Please refer to the college calendar in the enclosed Catalog Supplement for specific "Open House" dates. 

Teaching Aids

The Restorative Art Laboratory is fully equipped with casts, molds, waxes, modeling instruments, cosmetics and cosmetic masks, as well as other materials used for instruction in the practice of Restorative Art, including modeling techniques and applied cosmetology. Extensive visual aids are used in this laboratory to assist the student in achieving technical and practical proficiency in this important aspect of their professional training.

Library & Computer Training Center

Mid-America College views the library as an integral component of student enrichment, regardless of whether utilized for general education, liberal arts courses, or mortuary science research necessary for a particular course of study.

The W.H. Pierce Library contains a solid core of reference books and other literature directly pertaining to the funeral service profession, including professional periodicals and journals. Books on literature, business management, restorative art, psychology, ethics, health science, law, history, philosophy, comparative religion and customs, mortuary science, and nature complement the professional holdings and provide the student of funeral service with a wide variety of choice for study.

Supplementing the college library facility for research and study is a state-of-the art Computer Training Center.  All individual workstations are equipped with printers and are Internet-accessible.

The Library and Computer Training Center is open daily during the normal operating hours of the college for student use and to area funeral service practitioners for reference and research.

Located in Jeffersonville, IN

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