Student Life

A well-rounded schedule of extracurricular activities provides many opportunities for enjoyment and relaxation during the students stay in Southern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area.

Class Organization

Class Organization is encouraged in order that each class might work together closely as a team. Class Officers are elected during the academic year and, with their leadership and faculty guidance, many class functions are planned and enjoyed by the entire student body. Many classes work together collectively to make notable civic and charitable contributions. Pi Sigma Eta

Pi Sigma Eta is a nationally chartered professional and social funeral service fraternity. Admission to membership in the Lambda-Kappa Chapter is based on scholastic standing, an invitation, and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Supreme Council. SEE Website...

Allied Trades Activities

Allied Trades Activities serve as a valuable supplement to the student's classroom education. Class visits to manufacturers of funeral merchandise, crematories and cemeteries in the Jeffersonville-Louisville area acquaint the student with those industries that support the profession itself. Throughout the academic program, guest lecturers address the student body on various subjects associated with the profession.

Student Counseling and Guidance

Student Counseling and Guidance is an on-going process at the College and is designed to insure that the student mature in all areas and not just scholastic areas alone. A student can expect to find individual counsel and assistance from any member of the administrative or instructional staff in arranging financial matters, forming good study habits, making social adjustments, and resolving academic issues with which he or she may be experiencing.

Suitable Housing

Suitable Housing, while attending Mid-America College, is the responsibility of the student. A student should secure personal housing based on rental costs, the availability of public or personal transportation, and the number of members who will occupy the facilities. The College does not maintain resident halls or dormitories, but will assist the student in locating suitable housing in accordance with his or her specialized needs.

Student Employment

Student Employment positions are available in many local firms and businesses, some of which are funeral homes. The College will assist the student in finding part-time or full-time employment upon his or her enrollment as most positions cannot be reserved prior to the arrival of the student in the general area. Finding suitable student employment is the primary responsibility of the student and the College cannot guarantee employment for its students.

Students seeking funeral home employment should make such arrangements a minimum of two to three months prior to their actual enrollment, as there are many more students than funeral home positions available.

The primary goal of each student should be to successfully complete his or her education. As such, the College recommends that the student pursue studies for a few weeks to determine his or her ability to effectively handle the demands of the academic program prior to seeking employment.

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance is provided by the College for both employers and employees. The College will assist a student in obtaining suitable employment upon his or her graduation, an alumnus who wishes to find new employment, or a funeral home that needs a new employee. Obtaining suitable employment, however, is the primary responsibility of the graduate. The College cannot guarantee placement following graduation.