Scholarship Spotlight - Wilbert Funeral Service, Inc

Donor/Scholarship Spotlight

Wilbert Funeral Service, Inc

Pierce Mortuary Colleges is excited to announce a corporate scholarship for ICCFA Crematory Operator and Arranger Certifications at Pierce Mortuary Colleges – also made possible through the generosity of Wilbert Funeral Service, Inc.  Wilbert decided to create a funeral service scholarship to honor this critical field of study for students who attend a Pierce Mortuary College.  This scholarship will help ensure that every student will receive financial support to complete the certifications and enter into the workforce with additional education.  Pierce Mortuary Colleges is a proud member of The Wilbert Group.

ICCFA Crematory Operator Certification for Mid-America College students; ICCFA Cremation Crematory Operator Certification Program

Wednesday, May 09, 2018, 8:00am – 5pm

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