Spring Valley Funeral Home

Spring Valley Funeral Home

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Louisville, KY
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Apprentice or Funeral Director

We are seeking a Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprentice for Spring Valley Funeral & Cremation Service in Louisville, KY and New Albany, Indiana.  This position will be responsible for maintaining an environment that promotes reverence, confidentiality, cleanliness, and compliance with all company policies, state and federal laws.

• Ensure client families receive a high level of service that is consistent with our standards under the guidance of the Funeral Director
• Conduct funeral and memorial ceremonies in an honorable manner for the family
• Help ensure the proper chain of custody is maintained throughout the preparation process 
• Maintain reverence and respect for the deceased at all times 
• Handle the removal process of the deceased in a professional manner 
• Complete embalming, disinfecting, dressing, preparing and casketing the deceased using appropriate precautions and OSHA standards in a manner that honors the deceased, under the guidance of our manager
• Recently completed or currently enrolled in an accredited mortuary program 
• Excellent communication skills
• Experience handling sensitive situations in a professional manner
• Understanding of the services and products available 
• Knowledge of current federal, state and local regulations related to the funeral industry

Employer Contact Information

Spring Valley Funeral Home
719 East Chesnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 7428016

Anthony Oxendine
(812) 7253146